更新:现在有一个非常详细的在这里做大石的分步课.It's highly recommended if you are a dashi making newbie.

大石是日本烹饪中常用的基本汤料。不像西方或中国的基本存货,它们长期依赖于炖肉或蔬菜来提取味道,日本大石很快就能做成。There are instant dashi granules available,但是像速溶的立方体一样,它们富含钠和其他物质。不是说钠是有害的,但当从零开始就很容易获得真正的股票时,为什么要买假货??

There are basic ingredients for making dashi,all of which can be bought at a Japanese grocery store.韩国或一般亚洲/中国杂货店也可能有,虽然我已经注意到,虽然即时大石随时可用,the basic dashi ingredients aren't always.这些天,你也可以在一家全食品店或库存充足的正规超市买到鲣鱼片和Konbu海藻。Some natural food stores sell these ingredients sometimes.

大石所用的第一种原料是刨干的鲣鱼片,called川崎布希or克苏里布希.You can also buy a whole,风干的鲣鱼(看起来像鱼形的木头),然后把它刮在一个像飞机的东西上,但这对我来说太多了。我只是用大袋子里的预先包装好的鲣鱼片。

Dried kombu seaweed is the second ingredient.This is a leathery seaweed,that comes in large leaves.我要做的是用剪刀把树叶剪成大约4英寸长,把它们用多层塑料袋包装好,然后存放在冰箱里。

第三种常用的食物是干沙丁鱼,called尼博西.这会产生最独特的味道。I rarely use niboshi myself,simply because it's rather hard to get a hold of good,non-rancid niboshi here where I live.If you have some niboshi,sniff it.如果闻起来很奇怪,你的汤也会有异味。Cats love niboshi,either dried or after they've been used for stock.

以我母亲为例,I usually make a dashi using bonito flakes and kombu.这也叫ichiban-dashi第一股。节俭的家庭主妇经常尼班大石-第二种原料-通过从已经用于一班大石的kombu和bonito薄片中重新提取更多的精华。尼班大石可以用来炖蔬菜等。

Basic Recipe: Dashi stock (ichiban dashi)

  • 1块4英寸(3-4厘米)的干kombu海藻
  • A good handful of bonito flakes
  • Cold water,从水龙头(如果太硬或氯化,可以考虑过滤)

将干燥的kombu海藻片在3-4杯冷水中浸泡约20分钟。Bring the water to the boil,然后加入少量的鲣鱼片。立即关掉暖气,让它静置至少5分钟。通过筛子过滤,把所有的善都榨干。

Makes 3-4 cups.


当我时间紧迫时,我用mizudashimethod of making dashi.这是我描述过的制作方法vegetarian dashi,只是我加了些鲣鱼片。我在一壶冷水里放了一片kombu海藻和一大把鲣鱼片,让它浸泡至少几个小时或一夜。要用破折号,我只需把它滤出来。The dashi keeps in the fridge for a few days,and if I don't use it up during that time (which is rare) I just freeze it.Aside from having to remember to fill up a jug,这个方法再简单不过了。

Niban dashi for stews and more

上述两种方法使得ichiban dashi(第一大石)which is the strongest in flavor.This is used for dishes where the dashi flavor is paramount,如汤或蘸酱。但是对于炖菜和其他菜肴来说,大石更像是一种背景成分,节俭的厨师用尼班大石(第二大石)。因为日本以外的小松和博尼托薄片都很贵,it really pays for those of us who live 'over the sea' to make niban dashi!要做到这一点,只需将你用来制作一班大石的小木薯片和博尼托片再煮一会;this extracts a light flavored dashi.我冷冻了科布鲣鱼片,一次用两片来做尼班大石。


真的!所有Maki San的食谱都很徳赢vwin容易解释!I'm only fifteen years old really,and I really like Japanese food!现在我可以在家里做一些,让我妈妈想想我是一个多么有能力的女孩!大声笑。感谢您张贴这些食谱!徳赢vwin!

Hello ..not sure how to use this forum ...我的问题是关于4“piece of Konbu seaweed for Ichiban-Dashi,4"凭什么“..我有一张典型的床单,是4寸吗宽到纸的长度??


I imagine just 4"“4”.

描述中确实提到了将Konbu切割成4英寸pieces so if it is already 4"宽的,then just cut along every 4"lengthways.

梅基,wonderful site!!
一个问题-你能冻结大石股票吗?(e.g I put vegetable stock into an icetray,and just take the appropriate number of cubes out when I need to use them)

I have frozen dashi before and it thaws beautifully.只需确保你冻结的存货数量与你以后需要的数量相同。当我把整批货物冻结在一个容器中时,我遇到了一些问题。It's harder to measure out and thaw just part.使用冰块托盘是个不错的方法。Another is to use quart sized freezer bags with 1 or 2 cups of stock in them.


你可以把鲣鱼片放在冰箱里,但它们不需要,因为它们是干燥的产品。They will keep their flavor a bit longer in the freezer,但是一定要小心,不要把它们包装得很好而带有“冰柜味”。

So they will last okay for a couple of months in the fridge if stored in a tight container??

Sure...though again,在冰箱里,我会小心“冰箱气味”被鲣鱼薄片吸收。Make sure it's wrapped up air tight!It will also last fine in your pantry at room temperature for a couple of months.Japanese households usually keep it outside of refrigeration.打开的袋子应该尽快用完,以获得最大的风味。Thinking off the top of my head,将鲣鱼片保存最长时间的最好方法可能是用其中一种真空袋器具真空包装。不管你决定保持什么温度。


你称它。A cup of ice (frozen dashi) weighs 8 oz.一公升重一公斤。

嘿,I have a question.I was trying to make shiitake dashi,但结果不太好。你有什么关于香菜大石的建议或者其他做素食大石的方法吗?任何帮助都将不胜感激。阿里加图

Nilld做大石的最好方法就是把一些干的大石浸泡在水中几个小时。The resulting soaking liquid has tons of flavor - much more than anything you can produce from fresh shiitake.


i have a question,我在当地的日本商店买了一些大石田庄。when i make the recipe acording to the package directions (1tsp per 3 cups water) there is hardly any flavor.just how strong should the flavor of the stock be to be authentic?我做的比他们建议的要强壮3到4倍,而且味道很咸,很鱼。

CW,it really depends on what you are using the dashi for.For instance,如果你用它做味噌汤的原料,你不需要太多,因为味噌等会增加味道。If you are using it on its own for a clear soup you'd need more,等等。It really depends on you and what tastes good to you!The granules are just like Western/European style soup granules/cubes (Knorr,氧代等)。速溶汤/大石颗粒的优点是它们非常方便……缺点是它们含有大量的盐(通常还有味精和其他东西)。

我住在加拿大西海岸,有很多新鲜的鱼可供我使用。我可以用新鲜的鱼代替鲣鱼片做我的股票吗?Is there a fish that would resemble bonito flavor??

埃里克,the main difference between bonito flakes and fresh fish may be the fact that bonito is dried and concentrated - sort of the way dried mushrooms taste quite different from fresh.But in many coastal areas they would make soup and stuff without the bonito flakes,把鱼放进去。You can use konbu seaweed + fish bones,头,如果你想做一个相当丰富的鱼群。它不一样,但应该很好吃。(还有很多工作要做!)

Some time ago I made a鱼汤,which is similar to fish-ball soups you can get in Japan especially in fishing areas.这种汤通常是用一种简单的小米汤做的。


A friend of mine tried to make dashi stock recently,在味噌中使用,but she said when she began to work with the bonito flakes,她的公寓里充满了一股可怕的气味,似乎有自己的生活,和“在整个地方游荡了好几天”.有没有什么特别的品牌的博尼托我应该寻求避免这一点,还是我需要担心薄片是否新鲜?I'm dying to try and make my own sushi,but her experience with bonito has made me nervous about trying.

对我来说这听起来像是坏的鲣鱼片。I don't have a particular brand to recommend,但是要找一个粉色和“蓬松”的袋子,袋子里应该充满空气(这样薄片就不会被压碎)。再一次,一些人不喜欢任何形式的鱼的味道,dried or not,所以…

你也可以试试大石颗粒(例如Hondashi) instead - they are quite ok for flavoring sushi rice if MSG does not bother you.Or,只需试着单独使用konbu(在电饭锅里放一块水和米饭)。

我刚从日本度过夏天回来,这个网站让我非常饿!!Another quick question about making vegetarian dashi (i eat fish in japan since it's almost impossible not to,但不是在美国)。如果我要做一个以什叶派为基地的大石,我还应该加上kombu吗??还是只吃蔬菜更好?Thanks for any info - I am anxious to try making the kitsune udon!!

You can just use shiitake if you like,or add the kombu too.小布有很多鲜味,这就是你想要的大石,但Shiitake也是。这取决于你!!




我刚从城里的亚洲超市回来。I was going to get some premade dashi,but when I looked at the ingredients,the first one was salt,and the other was MSG!What??不管怎样,你的食谱很简单,I think I'll just go back and get some kombu and make my own.Then I can have dashimaki tamago for lunch tomorrow.:) LOVE your site!!

在俄罗斯这里不可能得到Konbu海藻。Pls advise if it is possible to use nori seaweed?大石股票还可以用什么海藻替代品?非常感谢!!


安娜nori wouldn't be very good - it would just disintegrate in the water.Besides,it's not cheap either.如果你有博尼托,我就自己用它(尽管你需要很多,就像一把大把的2-3杯汤……或者就用大石汤冲剂。

你好,真希。Great blog!!
前几天我喝了味噌汤,很喜欢。如此简单,yet so flavorful.I had to try making my own.I picked up wakame seaweed -is this ok to use in place of kombu??
The seaweed looks so awesome after it's re-hydrated.我也在想,做大石剩下的海藻是否可以用在其他菜上。

Hi Maki:
“食谱”Takoyaki with a great video"你的网站上有kombu dashi库存颗粒和katsuo dashi库存颗粒在面糊配方。我有kombu和katsuo,我也有大石原料颗粒来制作大石原料,but I am wondering if I can substitute this for the kombu dashi stock granules and katsuo dashi stock granules?If not,这两种股票我怎么做?Do I have to purchase these two granules separately??

You can just use the dashi stock granules you have.我想这两种大石的味道可能更复杂些,but the difference will be quite subtle.

Hey Maki.我想知道,冷水法会失去味道吗?And can you freeze both the heated and cold water methods?谢谢!!




梅基,我想说谢谢你和我们分享这些食谱。徳赢vwinIt's a lot of help and you make the directions so easy to follow.

我有一个简短的问题,我住的地方没有日本杂货店那么多。Do you have any suggestions for online stores to shop from??


i love to eat chawanmushi so thinking of making it.

感谢您张贴这些伟大的食谱。徳赢vwin昨天晚上我做了一个索巴,想要一个大石汤。我确实有孔布,but I found that we had dulse (which is a north atlantic"海洋蔬菜) in our pantry.I todded in a chunk of that with the bonito flakes.太棒了。The sea vegetable broke up into smallish pieces,so I just left it in as part of the soup with the soba.Also I reserved the boiling water from the soba and used that instead of tap water.它增加了一点颜色,flavor and nutrients to the dashi.而且它已经很热了,所以它缩短了烹饪时间。



When you said you cut your kombu into 4 inch pieces was that length or width wise?只是想确定一下=)

It's 4 inch lengths,since width-wise they come in about 3-4 inch width usually anyway (or narrower,all wrinkled up)


I was wondering if you had any ideas/徳赢vwinrecipes what to do with the left over kombu and katsuobushi after making dashi?在我做了大石股票之后,I have been just feeding the kombu and katsuobushi to my dogs.


你可以冷冻它们,and then use a few batches to make _nibandashi_ (2nd dashi),在炖菜等菜肴中也可以使用。You can also cook it in some water,sugar,米林或清酒和酱油,直到konbu变软(可能加上一些其他的katsuobushi)——比如西贡堡.This is good as an onigiri filling!!



I went to the Asian Market and looked through all of the Seaweed options and could not find Kombu.它还有别的名字吗?我应该找什么?它是什么样子的??

Thanks alot for your help.


参见本页- look for konbu/kombu at a Japanese grocery store rather than a general Asian one.你也可以通过邮购订购。

你好,我们刚做了一些dashi and udonfor the first time using your instructions.太好了,谢谢!!

Where I live Can't find bonito or tuna flakes,或者是小木棉(或者任何一种海藻),所以我要用文化上的等效物,that would be Eryngium foetidum known as culantro and Coriandrum sativum known as cilantro and some regular tuna *haha* since i can't find any dried flakes,所以我自己擦干它哈哈哈我想哈哈


我该如何调整这个新鲜小木瓜的食谱呢?或者我应该在使用前把新鲜的东西擦干,and if so,how do you recommend I do it??



我岳母做的大石是从鱼头鱼尾之类的东西开始的。Do you have a recipe that begins with the fish rather than with kombu or bonito flakes??


Hi!非常感谢你把这个贴出来。快速提问-你如何储存你的大石原料,包括尼伯希?I tried researching this online but some people say in the fridge whereas others say in an airtight container in the pantry.

关键是让它们保持凉爽和干燥。They don't need refrigeration,因为它们是干的,但是小鱼体内的油可能会在一段时间后变臭,这就是为什么有些人喜欢把它们放在冰箱里,甚至放在冰箱里。这完全取决于你用得多快。Bonito薄片和Konbu不会变臭,因为它们不含油(或很少),但它们会在一段时间后变平。就像老药草一样。(I don't usually have niboshi around because I prefer using konbu and katsuobushi for my dashi,但是如果我这样做了,我通常会把它放在冰箱里。)

我自己做大石已经有一年了,现在我用薄片和小豆子来做大石,我喜欢用它来做日本菜。我的问题是,我住在不能可靠地得到新鲜鱼的地方,especially not heads and bones and I am looking for a substitute for home made fish stock for western style dishes.I was wondering if you have utilized dashi in place of a western style fish stock for sauces and what if anything needs to be changed for this use??


就在我头顶上,I would try adding plenty of aromatic vegetables that are 'western' flavored,到鲣鱼片等。Fennel,celery,小茴香,西芹,thyme all taste very French/European to me.你还需要洋葱等等,把姜放在一边(我觉得姜更像亚洲人)。


I know you mention making second dashi,但是,你如何正确地存储预先使用过的kombu用于第二个dashi,或者在第一个dashi之后制作第二个dashi??

你好,I can not find bonito flakes in my city and everyone I ask has no clue what I am talking about.I don't live close to any major lakes or rivers at all and some Japanese ingredients are hard to find here.我确实找到了一些我认为是沙丁鱼的全干的小鱼,但我不确定我是否应该用它们来做这种原料。Do you think that these would work as a substitute and should I cut the fish up into small pieces before using?谢谢。

sorry do you mean a 4 inch piece (which is about 10cm) of konbu or a 4cm piece (which is about 1-2inches)??



I'm a 61 yr old grandma living in California who will cook
her first dashi stock for udon soup tomorrow.Wish I had

I'm also a Uterine Cancer survivor for 23 years and read about your story.I underwent hysterectomy and 28 radiation

>Will to live

Thank you for sharing and God Bless.

Do you know a good store to purchase the dried bonito flakes?这是我名单上唯一的忘恩负义者。

退房Japanese grocery store listfor your area,or if you are in the U.S.试试亚马逊的杂货店。如果你附近有大量的全食,他们也可能会带着它。


如果天气暖和(或者房间过热……这里很少见!)我把它放在冰箱里,where I store it anyway if there are leftovers.


I was wondering if you use less water for the cold water method or about the same 3-4 cups worth that is in your original recipe.我试过冷水法,也许我用的太少了,但是我的“股票“很明显,24小时后就没什么味道了。我加了更多的Bonito和Kombu,and will let it sit up to another 24 hours.希望我的配料太吝啬了!!


Hi Nokko,I do add more bonito flakes when I use the cold water method,所以,也许这比常规的方法更省钱,但只要你记得在冰箱里放一罐就更方便了。

嗨,Maki san,,
I've been following your blog for a long time,but now I have a baby boy!我的问题是:你能在自制婴儿食品上用大石吗?事实上,如果你有关于自制日本婴儿食品的帖子,太棒了!我认识你妹妹(?)在日本有一个小孩,但也许你可以和我们分享她小时候的所作所为。美国大部分婴儿食品是甜的水果泥,我想让我儿子接触更多的口味,esp umami (Natto?).谢谢您!!

嗨,Maki san,,

我找到了你的精彩网站,读到了制作大石的鲣鱼片的替代品。当然,我当地的韩国商店里没有鲣鱼片,所以我决定用虾皮和虾尾来提取海鲜口味来做大石,我已经和小布一起去了。我已经计划在汤里放小虾块了,还有洋葱,胡萝卜条,还有一些菠菜片。从虾皮和虾尾中提取出很多味道,只剩下少量的虾肉。It was very delicious and there was no soup left to be saved after the party.

Thanks for your great website!!

其中一种方法是用干酪代替鲣鱼。What's the difference and would it still work?Thanks for the help!!

I want to make some Japanese soups with a dashi base that include noodles (like udon).Should I cook the noodles in the dashi,或者把它们放在一个单独的锅里煮,然后把煮好的面条放到大石锅里??

You should never cook the noodles in the soup.您可能会发现本文很有用:http://www.徳赢vwinwww.h-rus.com/basics-cold-soba-noodles-dipping-sauceThe procedure is basically the same for all Japanese noodles - udon,somen,soba,etc.The only difference is the concentration of the soup;for hot noodles,比用凉面蘸汤/酱汁更稀。

亲爱的Maki san,谢谢你对许多食谱的简单解释。徳赢vwin我喜欢做饭,but I have not tried Japanese cuisine yet,所以我觉得我必须在这方面做更多的实验:)我可以用小的晒干虾(通常用于泰国烹饪)代替鲣鱼吗?我想它们的味道一定很相似…

请原谅我,I hope you don't mind if I ask a question.我一直在寻找答案,但只能模糊地提到它。

Could dashi stock be made in a slow cooker?如果有的话,要多长时间,要多热??

我想可以做股票,add ingredients to make soup throughout the day.Like I would make the stock and then add some green onions to make soup in the morning and for lunch.然后,I'll had mushrooms and other ingredients to make the miso soup I want to have for supper and let it cook.

我一点也不想加味噌,of course!我只要把我想要的汤倒进碗里,加上我想要的味噌,leaving the rest of the soup in the slow cooker for use later.

So is this idea doable?谢谢您!!

对,我知道这是一个非常古老的职位。It as a big help to me in chasing down the ingredients for a copy-cat edition of the Gyudon that I'm cray about.I don't really want to make my own broth here,但这似乎是一个简单的程序-如果…IF I can find the two principal ingredients.(I have penty of very good water,谢谢!)我很感谢你的职位。- C.


Your site is wonderful!非常感谢您分享这一切。


你写过我们需要一块4英寸的高棉,about 3 to 4 cm.The thing is that 1 inch is 2.5 cm,所以4英寸等于10厘米。那么小的打字错误在厘米上,对吗??




I've tried your basic dashi recipe but now I intend to make some ichiban-dashi by using niboshi.除了用尼伯希代替鲣鱼片,我可以按照我准备仁川大石(热水法)的相同步骤吗??

Thank you very much.


我住在加拿大,一直在等着做味增汤,但我最难找到鲣鱼片。No where I go and no one i ask seems to know where I can get Bonito Flakes.I cant order them online because I dont want to pay ridiculous shipping and handling fees or expedited fees for food products.有没有其他的“干”鱼替代品,或者其他的“干”肉或熏肉替代品,我可以用来模仿鲣鱼片的味道??

你不说你在加拿大的什么地方,but have you looked at the日本和亚洲杂货清单?像全食超市这样的“时髦”超市现在在美国有售。所以,也许类似的超市也会在加拿大销售。

I'm afraid there really isn't a good dried substitute for bonito flakes.You can try simmering fish bones and fish heads to make a fish stock,but it won't be the same (and will be a lot more work too).

Once i tried to made Dashi(basic Japanese sea stock) without Dashi granules included.But that was not said to good perfectly whatever i had been providing their,我想和你分享一下,如果配料中有遗漏的话,就更正一下。
2。Bonito flakes,,
4.Adding the Miso.

I make dashi overnight in the slow cooker.It works!可能会让它变得有点结实,但可以用水稀释。把一夸脱左右的水放在罐子里。加入一片小木瓜和一把鲣鱼片。在早上,你要大石和臭厨房。

I am out of Kombu.我有点迟钝,我可以用那个代替吗??

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