经典炸鸡配方的无麸质无大豆版本,that's just as tasty as the original.


A simple thing,delicious,and eyecatching recipe starring the humble yellow onion.

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Yesterday,it was revealed that 徳赢vwin客户端苹果版cookbook author and TV chef,主持人兼教师小林_代(katsuyo kobayashi)于1月23日去世,2014.She was 76 years old.She was one of the biggest culinary influences in my life.


(The 10 year anniversary of 徳赢vwinJustHungry is at the end of this month.为了纪念这个网站巨大的生日,I'm highlighting some of my favorite posts from the archives.This recipe is for an authentic Swiss cheese fondue.It was my late mother in law Martha's recipe.It's perfect for a chilly evening.最初发表在12月26日2008,玛莎去世一年后。)

玛莎passed away on the 26th of December,2007。When she was still healthy,we shared many a pot of cheese fondue with her during the cold winter months.Her fondue was without question,我所拥有的最好的。所以在她的记忆里,we made a proper cheese fondue.

I've already posted5年前玛莎的火锅配方(she was still making them then),but since it was one of the very early posts here on Just Hungry,it has no relevant picture to accompany the recipe or anything.To rectify that,这里又是玛莎的瑞士火锅,有很多照片和详细的说明。


Looking in-depth at an old favorite.


One of the all-time favorites on this site,修订和更新。



所以你喜欢炒饭,但是没有锅,or even a gas range?这是如何用煎锅做美味的炒饭,even if it's on an electric hotplate.(Note: this is not a low carb dish.)


徳赢vwin大量的菜谱印刷和在线为soupe au pistou,a bean and vegetable soup that is a Provençal classic.我的和其他的没什么不同,but it's here because I love it so much.它让我想起了为什么我一开始就想搬到这里。When a pot of Soupe au Pistou is simmering away on our crappy hotplate (yes,它可以在一个热板上制作)它使我持续的无厨房状态有些可以忍受。A big bowl warms me up when the temperature drops to the single digits celsius,and the chill seeps into this old stone house from all the gaping gaps in the doorways and windows and walls.

I make it around this time of year with fresh,未干燥的豆类coco blancand椰子胭脂- that we can buy at the markets here.They are so gorgeous,before and after shelling.然而,对大多数人来说,吃干豆子可能要容易得多,所以食谱要求他们吃干豆子。如果你能得到新鲜的豆子,just use a tad more - 3 cups total - and skip the soaking and pre-cooking part.

For the first time on Just Hungry,I've included aJapanese version配方也是如此。This is mainly for my mom and aunt to read,but take a look if you are studying Japanese - or point your Japanese friends to it.它不是英语的翻译,but a version specifically for making this soup in Japan.


(From the archives.A perfect leave-to-cook,为寒冷的夜晚准备一个热菜!最初于2008年12月出版。)

Some dishes dazzle you with their prettiness.Others may look plain,但是很明显很好吃。This simple,filling yet healthy winter dish of cabbage layered with a meat and tofu stuffing and then poached in a flavorful liquid belongs to the latter group.


到目前为止,这一带的冬天寒冷多雪,这通常意味着晚饭吃汤和炖菜。This classic Japanese soup is hearty yet low in calories,充满纤维,and just all around good for you.It helps to counteract all the cookies and sweets you might be indulging in at this time of year.

The namekenchinjiru(_________Kencho-ji (建長寺)in Kamakura.(镰仓(α)是有一段时间,12世纪和13世纪的日本首都。现在它是一个重要的历史景点,and a fairly easy day trip from central Tokyo.) Since kenchinjiru is a shojin ryouri or temple cuisine dish,the basic version given here is vegan.It's still very filling because of all the high fiber vegetables used.你可以用这汤和一些糙米做一顿非常令人满意的素食餐。